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Movies Counter - Illegal HD Movies Download Website

Movies Counter - Illegal HD Movies Download WebsiteMovies Counter is an Indian torrent website which allows users to download movies online illegally. Downloading movies from Movies Counter is an act of piracy.

Piracy sites like Movies Counter have been leaking newly-launched movies for free online download. These sites are affecting the global film industry in many ways than one can imagine. Piracy not only affects the box-office collection of the movie but also its performance and viewership in digital and television platforms.The internet has a vast resource of free contents, information, songs and more. This has helped the netizens to get access to various things easily, but it has also given some piracy sites like Movies Counter an opportunity to continue their unlawful acts and lure viewers on their site for free HD movies and TV show downloads. Netizens tend to download movies to avoid spending on subscriptions and cinema halls tickets.  While piracy websites continue to haunt mo…
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