Google Doodle: First American Thanksgiving Holiday?

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 In the fall of 1621, pilgrims and local Wampanoags gathered for a feast of wild turkey, ducks, geese, fish and shellfish, corn, green vegetables and dried fruits to celebrate the abundant harvest of the Indian season. The Wampanoag Chief Massasoite and his clan brought venison.

Thanksgiving: Bateman via Getty Images

NMAI says: "The first Thanksgiving was the beginning of a long history of interaction between American Indians and immigrants ... the food, rooted in American consciousness, represents much more than a simple harvest celebration. It was a turning point in history."

After the first Thanksgiving there was an extended period of injustice and conflict between Native Americans and Europeans. The US Embassy website states that many Native Americans observe Thanksgiving as a "National Day of Mourning".

The museum explains: "Sharing agricultural knowledge was one aspect of the early American Indian attempts to live side by side with Europeans. As relations with the newcomers grew into competition for land and resources, the groups were always able to coexist. He was not successful in his endeavours."

J.L.M. Ferris painting depicting the first Thanksgiving.

A painting by J. L. M. Ferris depicting the first Thanksgiving celebrated by Native Americans and Pilgrims in 1621.


Thanksgiving become a holiday?

Back in September 1789, the First Confederate Congress passed a resolution asking former President George Washington to recommend a day of thanksgiving to the nation.

This prompted Washington to issue a proclamation in October 1789, in which the U.S. According to the National Archives, November 26 was declared an official holiday of "sincere and humble thanks".

Later in 1863, former President Abraham Lincoln encouraged Americans to mark the last Thursday of November as a "day of thanksgiving." In 1870, Congress passed legislation that made Thanksgiving a national holiday.

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At the time, the president had the authority to set the official date of Thanksgiving, unlike other national holidays, such as Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and Independence Day.

With a few exceptions, such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, most presidents followed Lincoln's lead in declaring the last Thursday of November as a day of thanksgiving.

In 1939, Roosevelt moved the date of Thanksgiving to the last Thursday in November, following pressure from the Retail Dry Goods Association.

That year, retailers were concerned about a potential negative impact on sales due to the shorter Christmas shopping period, as Thanksgiving landed on November 30, 1939.

Dozens of states made announcements similar to the announcement of Roosevelt's Thanksgiving date, while others opted to keep the holiday as the last Thursday in November.

After two years of observing Thanksgiving on one of two dates (the last or last Thursday in November) in different states, in 1941 Congress passed legislation that officially designated Thanksgiving as the fourth Thursday of every November. established.

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