Happy Hindi Diwas 2021: Quotes, Poems, Wishes, Messages, Slogans, and more

 Hindi Diwas 2021 Wishes: It is celebrated on 14th September to spread awareness about the language in the country where different languages ​​exist.

Hindi, written in Devanagari script, was adopted as the official language of the Republic of India on 14 September 1949. It is one of the 22 schedule languages ​​and one of the two official languages ​​of the central government, the other being English.

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According to Article 343(1) of the Constitution of India, "The official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagari script. The form of numerals used for the official purposes of the Union shall be the International Form of Indian Numerals."

Hindi Divas 2021: Quotes

1. "Hindi is the soul of Indian culture." - Kamalapati Tripathi

2. "Hindi is the simplest source of expression of our nation" - Sumitranandan Pant

3. "Freedom without national language is useless." - Avanindra Vidyalankari

4. "If we need one script for all Indian languages, it is Devanagari" - Justice Krishnaswamy Iyer

5. "Education in a foreign language and doing official work for a free nation is cultural slavery." - Walter Channing

6. "No one can stop the promotion and development of Hindi." - Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant

7. "Knowledge of language is the door to knowledge." - Stranger

8. "A country which is not proud of its language and literature can never progress." Dr. Rajendra Prasad

9. "People from non-Hindi states can also communicate easily by speaking broken Hindi." - Stranger

10. "Political integration of India can be possible only through Hindi." - Bhudev Mukherjee

Indian Constitution: Parts, Schedules and Articles at a Glance

Hindi Diwas 2021: Wishes and Messages

1. Let Hindi spread its wings. Happy Hindi Day 2021!

2. The pride of Hindi language spread far and wide. Happy Hindi Day!

3. Celebrate beautiful Hindi literature every day! Happy Hindi Day!

4. Hindi and Hindustan is ours and we are proud of it, our heart is one and our life, Happy Hindi Diwas.

5. Hindi is a boon, Hindi is not just a language, Hindi is our heritage. Happy Hindi day.

6. Unity is the strength of the country, we need the power of Hindi, Happy Hindi Day!

7. Hindi is not an expression of sentiments, it is devotion to die on the motherland. Happy Hindi Day!

8. Hindi is our mother tongue, Hindi is very dear to us, the melodious voice of Hindi, we loved every moment, Happy Hindi Day.

9. National language is the soul of our country and the character of its native people, Happy Hindi Day!

10. Happy Hindi Divas to you, Hindi has always been the honor and pride of India and we should always be proud to speak in Hindi.

11. Wishing you a Happy Hindi Day, let us give more purpose to this day by promising to always stand up for the honor of our mother tongue.

12. The occasion of Hindi Diwas reminds all of us how beautiful the language of Hindi is and we should always respect it. Happy Hindi Day 2021!

13. Every language is special in some way or the other. Wishing everyone a very Happy Hindi Day.

14. On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, let us make everyone aware of the importance of Hindi in our lives. Happy Hindi day.

15. Hindi Diwas reminds all of us to learn Hindi and spread awareness about this language. Happy Hindi Day!

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