Funny Birthday Wishes For Brother 2021

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I know I love you more but I love you more than anyone. Wishing you the happiest birthday ever.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Brother 2021 


Happy birthday to the brother of the most wonderful sister in the world. Stop being awkward around people!

Who needs a birthday gift when you have the most wonderful siblings in the world? happy Birthday brother!

Don't let me down with the birthday party this year because remember, I know all your little secrets. was a joke Happy day brother.

You are never with me but always in my heart. Happy birthday to the best man.

A real man never hides his age. happy Birthday. Best wishes for your birthday.

You are getting bigger and weirder day by day. But sadly you are not getting wiser. happy Birthday bro!

Sometimes I think, if I had another brother like you, my childhood would have doubled. But I had only one 'you'. happy Birthday!

Thank you for ruining every picture of our childhood. Even today every photo looks bad when it has your face in it! happy Birthday!

The way I grew up was wonderful. I laughed with you, I cried with you, I fought with you, and I kicked your ass too. I just wanted to remind you. happy Birthday brother!

You don't need a mathematical equation to prove it ugly. Just use your common sense and check out our family photos. happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my biggest fan. Come and get an autograph on your special day!

Happy birthday to you brother! You got your kindness from Mom, wisdom from Dad, and your sense of humor from me, so be grateful!

May being my brother be the greatest joy of your life so that I don't overwhelm you with any material gift! happy Birthday to You!

happy Birthday brother. When I look at you, I see a man growing old with no purpose and zero knowledge. Anyway, best wishes to you!

Listen brother! Our parents love me more than you. They had no children, so the parents bought you from a store. But I love you so much, after all you are my only brother; Happy birthday my dear brother.

East and West my brother is the best. From this day we move one step further towards getting our sister-in-law. Many happy returns of the day.

Guess who's an adult now but still hasn't got permission to go on a trip? Anyway happy birthday.

You guided me when I was a kid, and that's why I still make wrong decisions. happy Birthday brother.

The funny thing is that no matter how old you are, you will still be a small child in this house. happy Birthday.

Although I still had to take money from your credit card for this gift, I am very happy to buy your favorite gift. Wishing you a very happy day, my dear brother.

Man, you get so corrupt when I reveal your secrets. Better share that cake. happy Birthday.

I should call you brogle because you help me solve all the problems I can't find answers to in google. happy Birthday bro.

Happy birthday my not so favorite person. I hope you learn some humility and respect me. Years will pass, but you will be as stupid as you are now. happy Birthday brother.

You have found me, and this is the best gift of your life. You are always a fool no matter how old you get. Happy birthday dear brother.

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