Wireless charger, phone will be charged even from 2 meters away

Wireless charger, phone will be charged even from 2 meters away

 Many people use wireless chargers.  But in this wireless charger people have to install their mobile charger.  People cannot charge mobile or tablet by keeping mobile in their hands and away from charger.  But now it may be possible.  You can also charge away from the charge and keep the mobile in your hand.  The charger we are going to talk about is wireless.  It has been developed by Xiaom.  With the help of this air charger, you will also be able to charge your mobile from a distance of two meters.

 According to the report, with the help of Mi Air Charger, you can wirelessly charge any mobile without cable.  You do not even need a wireless stand for mobile charging.  The Mi Air Charger is a wireless charger.  With the help of Mi Air Charge, you can charge tablets, phones and other wireless charging devices from a distance of four centimeters.  But no information has been given by Xiaom at the moment when this air charger will be available in the market.

 It can also be a concept charger.  With the help of this wireless charger from Angadbaddswad, many devices can be charged at a capacity of 5 volts.  In the future this charger can also be used in offices, public places and guest rooms. Xiaom has developed the technology of this air charger in its own way.  The design of this charger is designed like a box.  Which also has a display.  But only the battery level and charging status can be seen on this display.

 Now the big question is how this charger works.  Because all the wireless chargers available in the market charge your mobile with the help of magnets.  But the charge made by Xiaom does not have to be carried near the mobile charger.  The Mi Air Charger has 144 antennae for wireless charging.  Which transmits millimeter wise web.  With the help of this web, the phone is charged by beamforming.  This charger has a separate 5 antenna to track the location of the phone.

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