Relying on cashless insurance less, tedious process became the biggest reason

Relying on cashless insurance less, tedious process became the biggest reason

 Despite the presence of health insurance in the country for two decades, most policyholders consider it right to claim through reimbursement.  At the same time, only one third of the insurance holders prefer cashless claims.  This information has been obtained from online and offline surveys on the insured by insurance research platform Basak.

 According to the survey, 68 percent of the insured claim health insurance through reimbursement.  At the same time, only 32 percent of the insured take advantage of cashless insurance.  Besak founder Mahavir Chopra said that the main reason for this is that insurers resort to reimbursement to get more claims.  For this, he gets his treatment in a hospital other than the hospital associated with the insurance company and later claims the cost of treatment through reimbursement.  However, this is not the only reason.  Due to the time taken by the TPA to pay the insurance claim, the insured also has to resort to reimbursement instead of cashless.

 Cashless better option for working class

 Insurance experts say that the option of cashless payment under health insurance is right for the working class.  This is because the group health insurance policy is given by the employer to its employees.  Due to this, it is easy for them to take the option of cashless.  The insurance company is also provided better support by the TPA in the group health policy given by the employer.

 Troublesome process increases due to hospital and company

 Those involved in the survey said that a lot of trouble was encountered.  The doctor discharged from the hospital in the morning, but had to wait till 5 pm to pay the claim.  19% of the respondents surveyed said that they had to wait 24 hours to settle their claims when they opted for cashless and 46% had to wait 7 to 24 hours.  At the same time, among those who opted for the claim through reimbursement, 29% had to wait for eight weeks for payment and 33% had to wait for 4 to 8 weeks.

 Insurance companies need to change technology

 Insurance experts say that when a company like Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart is providing the facility of real time tracking of delivery after the order, then why can't the insurance company do this.  Insurance companies should also provide the facility of real trim tracking for the payment of claims so that the payment process of claims can be made easier and faster.  Until this happens, the insured will have to face trouble and will be forced to opt for reimbursement instead of cashless.

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