How to choose the Best Domain and hosting Name buy best domain extensions list

How to choose the Best Domain and hosting Name buy best domain extensions list

 How to choose the Best Domain Name best domain extensions list

It is called "First Impression is the Last Impression" and the Domain Name or URL is the first thing that your visitors see first. Right Domain Name increases your Brand Value as well as Bad Domain Name can also negatively impact it.

So choosing the correct domain name for your blog or website is essential for your success. If you choose your wrong domain name by mistake, then you may face a lot of problems in the future because if you had to change it in future, it can be quite challenging for your branding and Google Ranking.

So how to choose the right Best Domain Name and buy it becomes even more important for you to know at the beginning. In this article, we have shared 13 Tips to Buy a Domain Name Hindi for how to choose a domain name, so that you can check your domain name! Do not fall.

best domain extensions list

.com .org .net .co .io  .gov

How to choose the Best  hosting buy

In today's time, many of the Domain Extensions in the market like that .com, .org, .net, .co, ranging from .biz .Blog, .online, .website and .photography and similar In such a case, you have a lot of options but still you should do the same in Prefer .com Extension because .com is more famous and first on the tongue of the logo .com only comes in many conditions. In many meanings, other Extension will not even be angry. If your audiences are local then you can also use that particular country's Extension. As we have taken mmmmm.

Include your company or brand name in the domain name

While selecting Domain Name, you have your brand, company name etc. Should keep in mind. If your already has an offline business or shop then you should also keep in mind the name and if you want to continue it then can include it in the domain name. Apart from this, if you want to create a brand in the future then it should also be kept in mind.

Use keyword in domain name

Whenever we include Keyword in our domain name then search engine addresses our niche only by our domain name. After this if Quality Content + Best User Experience attaches to your user, having Keyword in your Domain Name You can get enough help in Google Ranking and it can be the effect on your website's SEO Example: You are reading this blog just on Justblog here. We have already blog the blog keyword in Domain Name, it is about our website blog, both of these users and search engines are easily known.

Avoid Hyphen or any Symbol

 Do not include hyphens (-), underscore (_) or any symbol in your domain name.  By doing this, both your user and search engine may have problems because whenever a user searches your website, if the hyphen is forgotten or a little Mismatch happened, then it will reach your competitor's website, which you do not at all  Want |  Apart from this, many times the website containing Hyphen is also considered as Unethical of Spammy.

 Considering Use Numbers or Numerals

 Do not use numbers or numbers in your domain name.  If you used such numbers (1,2,4, ..) in your domain name, it can be very hard to remember this for your readers for a long time. Example: Let's say you are searching a website.  - "" and you don't get  In such a situation, if you do numbers like then it can be quite challenging for your user to remember it especially when you are new.

 Keep Domain Name Simple, Shorter and Easy to Remember

 Always keep your domain name as small, simple and easy to remember as possible.  If your domain name is long and complicated, then from your user perspective it is not at all right.  Therefore, always keep your domain name short, simple and easy to remember.

 Use Domain Name Generator

 If you are still facing difficulties in finding the domain name, then you can use the Domain Name Generator, for this, you will have to go to Google and search the Domain Name Generator and you will get many website lists from where  You can take Suggestion for many domain names.

 You can use Domain Name Generator such as - Nameboy, Shopify Business Name Generator, Leandomain etc. to search your domain name.  Let's say that you have to book your domain name related to technology, but you are confused about which domain name to book, which type of domain name to book, then you just have to go to the domain name generator website and you will search by writing technology there.  By doing this, this Domain Name Generator will suggest many topic names or domain names related to technology.

 Check Domain History

 If you are going to buy any new domain, before buying the domain, you should check the history of that domain because sometimes it happens that we buy the domain but do not check its history.  In such a situation, it happens many times that if some spam activity has been done by the previous owner, then we have to bear the brunt of it, so before buying the domain name, we must check its history.

 You can use the Wayback Machine to check the domine history.  Wayback Machine is a tool that shows you a snapshot of the history of any domain.  By going to website, you will have to enter your domain name and it will provide you with a history snapshot of your domain name.

 In the image shown above, you can see the web history of

 Check for Trademark Issue

 Before booking any domain name, its trademark must be checked because if you bought a domain name without checking the trademark and if you made your website or blog successful after putting your hard work and time in it, then  If you encounter any trandmark issues or copyright issues at that time, then it can be a problem for you and your businesses.  So checking trademark registration right from the start can be a smart move.

 Register Your Social Media Account First

 Before booking the domain name, we must check that name on social media because we all know how much the importance of social media is for any business or blog.  So whenever you choose a domain name, once you go to social media accounts like - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, create an account with the same name first and then go and buy the domain name.  When your domain name and website name remain the same, it becomes quite easy for you and your user and you show more authority.

 Choose a Reliable Domain Registrar

 Whenever you go to book a domain, do research about the domain registrar.  How are their services, how much is Uptime, what is review etc.  Only after doing all these research, book a domain from a trusted Domain Registrar.

 Do not delay in buying Domain Name

 Once any of your domains are also available, do not delay in purchasing them.  Before anyone else buys your preferred domain, you can buy it soon because many times we are thinking and in this round our favorite domain is taken by our competitors.

 Buy Domain For Long Period

 Buying a domain for a long time not only costs you less, it also increases the value of your domain name in the eyes of Google Search Engine, which also helps in ranking somewhere.  If you are still buying a Domain Name for one or two years, then use Auto Renewal, so that even if you forget, your domain will be automatically renewed.

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