Houston Maritime Attorneys,Houston Maritime Attorneys 2021

Houston Maritime Attorneys,Houston Maritime Attorneys 2021

 History of Admiralty and Maritime Law

Admiralty law (also called maritime law) governs the vessels and events that take place at sea.  Although most countries have their own laws on maritime commerce, semen, and passenger movement, many aspects of admiralty law are recognized internationally by multilateral treaties.  Just as ships provide one of the earliest methods for transporting goods over long distances, the rules governing shipping date back to about 900 B.C.  Can be found in the ancient Greeks.

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  The idea of ​​a separate legal authority governing maritime issues was brought to the West by Aquin Quetine's Eleanor, who learned about the concept when she went to the Mediterranean on the Second Crusade with France's first husband, King Louis VII.  The term admiralty law came from the British Admiralty Court, which presided over maritime affairs separately from the common law courts of England.  U.S.  Since the judicial system was based on the British system, the amended Admiralty laws were gradually incorporated into our legal system immediately after the Constitution was ratified.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Houston Maritime Injury Lawyer?

If you are not prepared to consider a claim, you should consult with an experienced Texas maritime attorney to discuss your claim.  In many cases, your company may ask you to sign a contract or leave in exchange for payment of unfamiliar wages, maintenance or medical benefits.  You must have any documents reviewed by a competent Houston Maritime Injury Attorney before signing, so that you do not waive any of your right of recovery.

  Perhaps the most important reason you need a lawyer is that employers and insurance companies have teams of lawyers who represent them.  The only way to level the playing field with your employer or insurance company is to have an experienced attorney representing your interests.  As an injured employee, you are new to the process, while your employer, its insurer and their attorneys regularly deal with these cases.  It is important for the outcome of your claim that you have a team that handles maritime law claims on a regular basis.

What is maritime law?

  Prior to the Jones Act, the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, and the Death on High Seas Act, the oldest set of rules used to protect fashore workers was maritime law.  It provides basic provisions that ensure workers are given maintenance and treatment after an injury.

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