Definition of fire insurance-Fire Insurance

Definition of fire insurance-Fire Insurance

 Fire Insurance :Insurance Agreement can be defined as property insurance contract, through which the insurer is made to compensate the financial losses suffering from the property or destruction of the property that suffered by insurers or insurers, which specified fire or other Like other insurance contracts, the general provisions of the law of the law of the law in the Indian contract act, manage fire insurances contracts in 1872. It suggests that fire insurance also has to satisfy the requirements of a valid agreement.

Definition of Fire Insurance :Insurance companies Act 1958, England's Fire Insurance business was defined as "issuance, or fibrous via fire under insurance policies". Article 2, 1938 fire insurance business of Indian insurance orders, "In the business of the EFFECTS, otherwise the other class of insurance business is accidentally involved in the risks in the risks of insurance or fire insurance policies or other phenomenon." The above definitions can summarize the test of fire insurance contracts that the primary object is an insurance contract that the primary object is insured against the loss or damage caused by fire, the amount of insurance is limited to the extent of the loss of the insurer, which is less

Standard Fire Insurance Policy

The characteristics of the fire insurance agreement suggest that the following is the following specific characteristics in the fire insurance agreement like another general insurance contract: it is a personal agreement that is a personal agreement, it is a common agreement that is usually an inseparable interest in the cause of the fire insurance general. General Insurance The policy form contains intro and operative clauses, general exclusion and general conditions. (Since April 2008, the insurer can be flexible to design and design their own words of all insurance contracts - based on the pre-approval of the IRDA.) Intro and operative clause: This graft includes intro, parils and the limit of insurance amount. Propose parties listed in agreement. General Excluded: This section of the policy indicates nine common exclusion expressed in the policy. General Terms: Express fifteen in a fire insurance policy. In India, Fire Tariff recently W.EF 1st April 2000 and one more change w.f. 31 March 2001. The name of the fire policy has been done as a standard fire and a special risky policy.

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