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Hindi Diwas: Wishes, Quotes, SMS, Messages, Status, Shayari, Greetings

Happy Hindi Diwas 2020

Hindi Diwas: The day is observed to promote Hindi as Matra Bhasha (mother tongue) of India and to propagate the Hindi language and its cultural heritage and values among the people of the country and abroad. National Hindi Divas (known as Hindi Day) is observed on September 14 every year in India. People of the nation celebrate the day by organizing literary festivals, Hindi poetry sessions, Hindi speech contests, Hindi essay writing competitions, and other events. On 14 September 1949, the Hindi language was adopted as the official language of the country by the Constituent Assembly of India. It was believed that the unification of the country had to be done along with giving it a unique national flavor. In a country that did not have anyone language giving it a unique national identity, Hindi provided itself as the solution for unification.
We Have Collected some Hindi Diwas (Hindi Day) Wishes, Quotes, SMS, Messages, Status, Shayari, Greetings, and Images, hope you will like it, so please share with your Family, Friends and also update your social media status with Hindi Diwas.

Hindi Diwas Wishes

  • Speakers Strength Language Language is the pride of the writer Sitting on top of languages My lovely Hindi language.
  • Hindi Diwas isn’t multi-day just; it advances the national solidarity among individuals, Happy Hindi Diwas to all.
  • Hindi is not an expression of expressions this is the devotion to die on the motherland.
  • Not proud of a personal language, Will he fall in love with the country, He is the beloved of the brave nation, Whose slogan in Hindi.
  • The Hindustan Shan Hindi, identify Hindi is every Indian’s unique tradition of unity Hindi, every heart’s desire Hindi, Happy Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas Quotes

  • Hindi is our mother tongue, Hindi is very dear to us, Harmonic voice of Hindi, We felt every moment lovely, Happy Hindi Diwas.
  • The point of Hindi is to be kept on the head. Sir will sit on your eyes, this is the jewel of Mother India. Happy Hindi Diwas.
  • Respect and admiration your primary language to improve the pride of the country, Very Happy Hindi Day.
  • I am a golden dot adorned with Mother India, I am your own daughter of India, Hearty greetings to all of you on Hindi Diwas.
  • Hindi is pushing to take the path of advancement not only collected the day we celebrate promotion Hindi Day, happier Hindi Diwas.

Hindi Diwas SMS

  • Those who do not respect the mother tongue, They never get respect Hearty greetings to all of you on Hindi Diwas.
  • Come on Hindi Day, read and teach Hindi, Hindi is our language, let’s adopt it, Hearty greetings to all of you on Hindi Diwas.
  • Respect for Hindi is respect for the country, Where is our freedom, where is the national language, Happy Hindi Diwas.
  • Hindi is a language that has a real job in Indian upheaval; this is the reason we ought to always remember its commitment.
  • No nation can be called a nation except in its own language. Protecting language is also important than protecting boundaries.

Hindi Diwas Messages

  • The pride of your country at hand, You become great by adopting Hindi, Happy Hindi Diwas.
  • The National language is the spirit of our country and the character of its natives, Happy Hindi Divas to all.
  • We Indian are proud of the Hindi language, We have the responsibility to give respect and draw, Happy Hindi Diwas to all of you.
  • Try not to keep running behind English, utilize your very own Hindi Language which is your genuine personality.
  • Speakers Strength Language Language is the pride of the writer Sitting on top of languages My lovely Hindi language Happy Hindi day.

Hindi Diwas Status

  • Wishing Hindi Diwas to you, Hindi has always been the honor and pride of India and we must always take pride in speaking in Hindi.
  • Hindi is our mother tongue and truly the most comfortable language for all of us to express our feelings in the most perfect way.
  • Happy Hindi Diwas to you, Let us add more purpose to this day by promising ourselves to always stand for the honor of our mother tongue.
  • We are pleased to be Indian and communicate in Hindi as our Mother’s tongue, Wish you Hindi Diwas.
  • Not proud of personal language Will he falls in love with the country He is the beloved of the brave nation Whose slogan in Hindi Happy Hindi day.

Hindi Diwas Shayari

  • The hope of the whole country Hindi is your language, break the bond of caste and religion, Hindi connect the whole country.
  • Hindi is the language of villages and towns in India, Hindi is the strength of cities and villages, Happy Hindi Diwas Day.
  • Neither freedom could be attained without Hindi, Neither can independence remain without Hindi, Wish you Hindi Day.
  • Hindi is settled in every particle, my mother has spoken in it, my honor is Hindi, my pride is Hindi, Happy Hindi Day.
  • Hindi is the hope of India Hindi is the language of India Warmest greetings to all of you on Hindi Diwas.

Hindi Diwas Greetings

  • Solidarity is the quality of the native language is the pride of the country. Wish you Hindi Day.
  • Our freedom is there where we can utilize our native language without dread. Very Grateful Hindi Diwas.
  • Spread the significance of our native language everywhere throughout the world. Very Happy Hindi Day.
  • On this Hindi Diwas how about we take the promise, on the worldwide dimension we will dependably work for Hindi’s development.
  • Our unity and integrity are the identities of our country, we are Hindustan and Hindi is our tongue.
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