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Happy Engineers Day 2020 – Throughout the world’s history, engineers have served as the pioneers of modern society. Without these great minds, there wouldn’t be any of the comforts that we have now come to enjoy on a daily basis. If you are an engineer who wishes to get inspired, or wish to thank existing engineers, this September 15 you can do so by celebrating Engineers’ Day. Here are some of the best quotes to celebrate these monumental pioneers of our society:

Engineer’s Day 2020 Images/Posters with Quotes

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The purpose of an engineer’s life is to solve problems and make everything simpler

When there is nothing left to take away, we can truly claim that perfection has been achieved

The true passion of an engineer is mathematics
Only an engineer can build a bridge that can stand firm

Every engineer knows that an invention is best with the least number of moving parts
To know how things truly work, it is important to study them while they start to come apart

Only good engineers know to factor in human stupidity when trying to create a truly foolproof machine

Striving for perfection is what makes the heart of an engineer race forward
Engineering is the true moral study of an intellectual life

Getting more parts on the table is the best way to get brilliant ideas
Engineers learn best when something fails and they have to prevent it from failing another time

Projects that have been completed by real engineers can demonstrate everything that has truly been learnt and achieved by humans in their history

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