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Feast of the Nativity of Mary


«The liturgy today commemorates the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
This feast, very important to popular piety, leads us to admire in Mary the Child,
the purest dawn of the Redemption.
We are contemplating a little girl like every other, yet at the same time
  • the only one who was "blessed among women" (Lk 1: 42).
Mary was the immaculate "Daughter of Zion",
destined to become the Mother of the Messiah.” 
St. Pope John Paul II

To celebrate the Nativity of Mary is, in a very human way, to celebrate her birthday. And we all like to celebrate the anniversary of those we hold dear! ...  
Mary was born like all of us: she is the fruit of love between a man and a woman. She lived with her family and like every young girl of her time, she dreamed of marrying one day and form her own family.

It would have been a completely normal life, anonymous, if she had not fully and freely accepted the will of her Lord. Mary - chosen by God to be the mother of His Son, incarnated for the salvation of mankind - welcomes His proposal, but not before questioning - what is proper to human nature - while being profoundly open to the path that the Father would show her.

Therefore, to celebrate the Nativity of Mary is to celebrate a fundamental mark in the History of Salvation. Essential element of this story, Mary is the link of connection between the Trinity and the humanity. Through her body, prepared by God without sin, Jesus comes into the world and fulfills His saving mystery.

May the Feast of the Nativity of Mary make us aware of this story
so special, with grateful eyes to those who accepted to say YES
and, thus, became the mother not only of Jesus, but of all mankind.
"The liturgical celebration of the Nativity of Our Lady it is her birthday.
And what does one do when mama celebrates her birthday?
One greets her with best wishes on her birthday....
Remember, bright and early, from your heart and from your lips,
to greet Our Lady and wish her: “Happy Birthday!”.
And say a Hail Mary from the heart of a son and or daughter.
Do not forget!"
(Pope Francis, Angelus 2014)
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