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Galaxy Tab S6 finally gets Android 10 and One UI 2.1

When you buy a flagship device, you build up an expectation that device would be supported with timely updates. That’s especially true if the device is barely a year old. Of course, some companies, like Apple, Google, and the late Essential, are better than others while some, like Samsung, are improving yet struggling to change old habits. The Galaxy Tab S6, for example, is not just Samsung’s latest tablet, it is also one of the few remaining premium Android tablets in the market and it’s only getting the latest Android update half a year after Android 10 was released.

One of the reasons blamed for slow Android updates is the number of customizations and changes manufacturers make to the experience. While Samsung’s UX, now One UI, has significantly improved compared to its old TouchWiz, the version on the Galaxy Tab S6, which also has a somewhat special version of Samsung DeX, may have tripped Samsung up yet again.

At least the long wait is over for owners of the tablet. Users have reported that the LTE model, specifically SM-T865, is getting a rather massive update. It’s a three-in-one update containing not just Android 10 but also Samsung latest’s One UI 2.1 as well as the March 2020 security patch.

That does mean there’s quite a lot to download, install, and explore, features like dark mode and the new full-screen navigation gestures. On the One UI 2.1 side, users will see the more streamlined and less obnoxious rounded boxes that they were fortunate enough to skip in One UI 2.0 as well as the new UI arrangements designed for easier one-handed control.

Of course, there’s also a lot to potentially break given how large the update is. Considering how long it took Samsung to roll it out, you’d expect it has ironed out the huge showstopping bugs. Then again, this is Samsung we’re talking about after all.
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