Diego Schwartzman creates his perfect player: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and...

Diego Schwartzman has revealed how his perfect player would look like. On Tuesday, world No. 13 Schwartzman went Instagram Live. Unsurprisingly, Schwartzman took something from each member of the Big Three group.

Spain's Rafael Nadal and Swiss Roger Federer were the only players mentioned twice by Schwartzman. Schwartzman said his perfect player would have the physique and mental strength of world No. 2 Nadal. The Argentine revealed that he would love to see his perfect player have Federer's volleying and slicing skills.

When it comes to world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, Schwartzman picked the Serb's return skills. When it comes to the other components of the game, Schwartzman selected players outside the Big Three group. The Argentine said his perfect player would have the forehand of world No.

3 Dominic Thiem and the backhand of three-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka. When it comes to the serve, former world No. 11 Schwartzman selected John Isner's serve while creating his perfect player.

Meanwhile, Schwartzman enjoyed a good 2020 campaign before the Tour for suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

After reaching the Australian Open round-of-16, the Argentine ended up in front of his home fans at the Cordoba Open. In his last tournament played, Schwartzman made the Buenos Aires semifinal before he gave a walkover to Pedro Sousa.

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