Beautiful place in the World

With an outstanding food scene, locally sourced produce is divine and full of flavour. There is an impressive mix of high-end eateries and waterfront restaurants, offering authentic, traditional fare. Sample the world’s only cactus liqueur, bright green and made from the plentiful, local cadushi cactus – do not miss the chance for a tour of the Cadushy Distillery.


Wildly natural and filled with beautiful seclusion off the beaten track, Curaçao is a slice of paradise. With friendly locals, a year-round temperate climate and endless activities, this colourful island really packs a scenic punch. Take a stroll around the vibrant pedestrianised Punda Willemstad where quaint streets and alleys are full of shops, cafes and picturesque terraces. History lovers will relish the opportunity to visit museums, plantations and colonial mansions.

From a yacht you can explore the rich biodiversity and natural beauty of beautiful limestone formations and the famed Madonna statue inside the Hato Caves, meet turtles at the Shete Boka National Park and watch waves crash against an underground cave at Boka Tabla for an impressive experience. Soak up the sun across 35 spectacular beaches, with golden stretches of sand and sparkling turquoise waters. The small beach at Boka Sami is perfect for snorkelling and diving with a fishing pier, a salt marsh trail behind and some great local restaurants. Diving is a national pastime in Curaçao, with a vast array of sites and wrecks to explore. At Santa Martha there are several sites with the remains of a small plane where the conditions are ideal for taking close-up macro photos. Barracuda Point, also called Punt’I Piku, near Barbara Beach at the mouth of Spanish Water is awash with barracudas and vibrant reef life. Kathy’s Paradise near Newport lives up to its name with a healthy reef covered in coral and sponges, ideally combined with a dive at Smokey’s where experience divers will find overhangs and steep drop-offs.

Sail to Klein Curaçao, a tiny, desolate island of volcanic rock off the main coast, with the longest and whitest beaches. Here divers, snorkellers and fishing enthusiasts alike will be well catered for. Visit the narrow channel flanked by rocky cliffs to access Playa Lagun, with a variety of bright reef fish and turtles to discover amongst corals and sponges. Similarly, nature lovers will enjoy Playa Santa Cruz, surrounded by a mangrove swamp that attracts a host of fascinating local birds.
When the sun sets, the fun does not stop in Curaçao. The multitude of lively restaurants, lounge bars, beach clubs and casinos, ensure that entertainment and cocktails continue into the early hours.

As with the wider travel industry, the yachting industry has felt the impact of logistical limitations from COVID-19. However, bookings are still being made with increased flexibility in place, and charter brokers are readily available to help with future plans for your next great escape.

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