Thinking of buying a smartphone from Flipkart, Amazon and other e-commerce websites, definitely know these 10 things -

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Thinking of buying a smartphone from Flipkart, Amazon and other e-commerce websites, definitely know these 10 things

NewDelhi: If you shop with e-commerce websites, then this month is good for you. This time, these websites will organize many mega sales. You will get many items of your choice on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart for a very low price. The most special offer will be received by the fans of Smartfoam. Websites will sell the most products and give discounts on them, that is the smartphone. Many users also take smartphones on EMI. So, if you also want to buy a smartphone from any e-commerce website, then before that, definitely pay attention to these 10 things.

1- You have to see more than one website before shopping. Actually, there are many types of websites in the market that sell the same product at different prices. So it is important that you check the prices first.

2- Apart from this, the second thing you should do is to check the rating and review. By checking the rating and review, you will get more information about that smartphone. You will know whether you are buying the right product or not. This is also important because many e-commerce websites bring these products to you with the help of third party.

3- When buying a product, pay attention to its warranty. With this, you will not have to face problems at the time of service.

4- There are many offers with the same device and sometimes it happens that you choose the wrong offer in a hurry. So choose the best offer. Always check offers before purchasing a product.

5- Before buying any product, pay attention to its delivery time. Sometimes delivery of the product is delayed. So always check at what time your product will be delivered. Otherwise, you may have to face problems when you return the product.

6- Verification of the product is also very important. Get the product verified from the official website. Sometimes the details of the product are wrong.

7-Another thing that needs special attention while buying a product is the refund-return policy. If you have bought a product that is bad and you have to return it, only refund and return policy will save you.

8- Refund- Apart from the return policy, it is also important to know about the exchange offer. Many times the product has the facility of exchange offer, which makes the smartphone cheaper. Therefore, definitely pay attention to such things.

Also pay attention to 9-review and after sale service. Do read this review of what users have given about the product. This helps to know the product better.

10- You also have to know whether the smartphone you are buying is old. Many e-commerce websites offer great deals on smartphones. So there are many such smartphones in them which are old but still available on cell.