Good news for those whose driving license has not been made -

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Good news for those whose driving license has not been made

In the present time it has become common for every person to own a vehicle, let us tell you that the traffic rules have become stricter after the arrival of the New Motor Vehicle Act and if you drive a vehicle without a driving license, then you will get a huge Fines may have to be paid, but today we have brought a good news for those whose license has not yet been made.

Actually, people should not have any kind of problem in Registry and License Authority (RLA), hence different form of license related service has been started by the Modi government for the same form.

Let us tell you that earlier there was a need to fill different forms for different work like learner's license, renewal and similar work, but now Form No. 2 has been started by eliminating it.

With this, there will be no need to give medical certificate at the time of making a learner's license. Instead, only the self declaration form will have to be given, but let us tell you that this facility will be available only for licenses made in non-transport category.

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